Raspberries: Excellent suppliers of vitamins and minerals

Raspberries: Excellent suppliers of vitamins and minerals

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Raspberry season has started

Raspberries are one of the most delicious fruits for fresh consumption due to their unique aroma. This also explains their great popularity among consumers. Local berries are usually preferred. These are currently in season. Those who like to snack on them also do good for their own health.

Raspberries are in season here from June to October. Because of their pleasantly sweet taste, the red fruits are especially a pleasure, but they can also be processed into summer delicacies such as fruit cakes, jams, jellies and juices. The berries are rich in important vitamins and contain valuable minerals as well as digestive fiber.

Most of the berries are imported

In yogurt, on a cake, as a fresh snack, smoothie, jam or very classy as a fruity splash of color in sparkling wine or mineral water - raspberries taste excellent with almost everything, the consumer center in Bremen writes in a current message. While in spring they tend to come from southern European countries, Germany is now also harvesting time - the best time to enjoy fresh raspberries.

In the winter months they do not grow in this country - but you can still buy them because they come from warm areas (from the southern hemisphere) such as South Africa or South America. Because they are not easy to store, they often have to travel far by plane.

"This means that the ecological footprint of a bowl of flying raspberries is about 15 times larger than that of seasonal raspberries that are transported by truck," explains Sonja Pannenbecker, food and nutrition consultant at the Bremen Consumer Center.

The main German wine-growing regions are in the south, so the largest areas of income in the past year were in Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. But there are also fresh raspberries from Lower Saxony in significant quantities. Since the Germans love the small berry, their own yields are far from sufficient and about 84 percent of the raspberries are imported.

Healthy ingredients

As explained on the public health portal of Austria "", raspberries are a low-calorie snack. Around 85 percent of them consist of water. Despite their intense sweetness, the berries have relatively little sugar. Their high fiber content stimulates digestion.

Especially when they are harvested when they are sun-ripened, they are full of important ingredients such as vitamins C and B and are also rich in minerals such as phosphorus and calcium. Potassium, magnesium, manganese and iron are also included. Their antioxidants and dyes, which are flavonoids that are secondary plant substances, have health-promoting properties.

According to the consumer advice center, their ingredients are also used for food supplements. “The so-called raspberry ketones are often advertised as slimming products, but this effect has not been demonstrated. Such products can have dangerous side effects! So it's better to grab fresh fruit! ”Says Pannenbecker.

Store correctly

Raspberries are very sensitive to pressure and unfortunately do not last long. Stored in the refrigerator, they can be kept for three days. It is best to place the berries in a flat container in one layer and cover them with a dry cloth.

“Anyone who has harvested plenty of raspberries can make them last longer by freezing or drying them. Frozen berries can be used wonderfully in a smoothie in winter, ”says Pannenbecker.

It is important that frozen, purchased berries are heated before consumption. This is because pathogens for noroviruses can get onto the berries during cultivation, harvesting or processing, which are destroyed by heating to 90 degrees Celsius. (ad)

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