Medical pedicure will become a cash benefit from July 2020

Medical pedicure will become a cash benefit from July 2020

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Pedicure becomes a statutory health insurance benefit

From July 2020, doctors can now prescribe medical foot care in many cases. Such treatments had previously only been prescribed for people with diabetic foot syndrome.

Removing the cornea and working on the nails - this can prevent severe inflammation in the foot in certain clinical pictures. In the future, doctors will be able to prescribe podiatric therapy more often.

More right to foot care

Statutory health insurers will be entitled to medical foot care in more cases from July. Doctors can now prescribe them for damage to the skin of the feet and toenails caused by a cross-sectional syndrome or neuropathy.

In the case of foot damage, foot care can now be prescribed

According to the Federal Joint Committee (G-BA), podiatric therapy can be used in the future by all patients who have been shown to have foot damage comparable to diabetic foot syndrome and attributable to similar sensitivity disorders. Until now, medical foot care could only be prescribed for diabetic foot syndrome, according to the G-BA. (vb; source: dpa / tmn)

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  • Federal Joint Committee: Medicinal Products Directive: Review of the ability to prescribe measures of podiatric therapy (decision date: February 20, 2020; entry into force: July 1, 2020),