These coffee drinks are as high in calories as a cheeseburger

Cold coffee drinks - caffeinated calorie bombs

It is important to drink a lot, especially in sweaty heat in summer. It is better to stay away from coffee drinks from the cooling shelf. Some of these products contain as many calories as there are in 16 sugar cubes. In addition, the calorie bombs often contain significantly more caffeine.

Coffee has long been considered harmful to health, but today it is known that the popular drink is healthier than was often assumed. Studies have shown that coffee is, among other things, good for the heart and can also reduce the risk of colon cancer. And the caffeine it contains helps you lose weight. But not if you fall back on cold coffee drinks from the cooling shelf.

Lots of sugar and additives

Whether cappuccino, latte macchiato, café latte or iced coffee - cold coffee drinks from the refrigerated shelves are in high season in summer. However, they usually contain many calories and a lot of sugar and additives. This is pointed out by the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania Consumer Center in a communication.

These products are mixed milk drinks or milk products with coffee. According to the experts, they mainly consist of low-fat milk or whole milk. Other ingredients include coffee, sugar, sometimes cocoa powder and almost always additives. The caffeine content corresponds approximately to that of a cup of coffee, but there are also coffee drinks with significantly more caffeine.

“With a mug or a bottle of coffee, you can quickly drink up to 320 kcal in between - more calories than there are in half a bar of milk chocolate or about as much as in a cheeseburger,” explains Antje Degner from the Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania consumer center.

The total amount of energy in the drinks naturally also depends on how much coffee is contained in the cups. The range in a sample from the consumer center ranged from 190 to 400 milliliters.

48 grams of sugar in a drink

Coffee drinks often contain a lot of sugar. According to the nutritional table, the consumer advice center found 48 grams of sugar in a 400 milliliter bottle of coffee drink. This corresponds to 16 pieces of sugar cubes.

Most cold coffee drinks contain additives. Thickeners such as carrageenan are often found. Emulsifiers, modified starch and acidity regulators are also added in part. If you want to know whether and which additives are included, you should take a look at the list of ingredients.

The conclusion of the consumer center: Coffee drinks from the refrigerated counter are not suitable as thirst quenchers. These products are more of a calorie and caffeinated snack with some quite a lot of additives. (ad)

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