Corona pandemic: Bavaria removes general exit restriction

Corona pandemic: Bavaria removes general exit restriction

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Bavaria: Gradual relief in the measures in the corona pandemic

The Bavarian Cabinet has decided to gradually ease existing measures regarding the corona pandemic. The general exit restriction is lifted. Visits to hospitals and old people's homes are also possible again. Outdoor playgrounds are also allowed to open again.

As in other federal states, numerous measures had been taken in Bavaria to curb the spread of the Sars-Cov-2 coronavirus and the disease caused by the novel pathogen COVID-19. According to experts, the so-called corona lockdown also has an enormous impact on mental health. An exit timetable now provides for more freedom in the Free State.

Health protection remains the top priority

According to a statement by the Bavarian State Government, the corona pandemic will see relief in the coming weeks in the measures that have been adopted to strengthen the economy and society.

However, the primary goal remains the protection of health and the stability of the health system in the Free State. Relapses to higher infection rates or a second wave of infection must therefore be avoided.

However, should the infection develop less well, the restrictive measures must remain in place longer. Then individual areas of life, types of institutions, business or professional groups, for which loosening has been carried out, can again experience restricted and temporary restrictions.

Decisions made easier

Against this background, the Bavarian Cabinet has decided the following key points for the further procedure:

Exit restriction
The general exit restriction will cease to apply from May 6, 2020. However, the existing contact restriction and the distance requirement continue to apply. Accordingly, every person is required to reduce physical contact with other people outside of their own household to an absolutely necessary minimum.

Wherever possible, there must be a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between two people. Accumulations in public spaces remain prohibited.

In the future, it will be permitted to meet or visit the closer family, in addition to spouses, life partners and partners of a non-marital cohabitation, also relatives in a straight line and siblings.

School lessons
Teaching for pupils in the final grades was resumed at the end of April. The following points are now being sought for the resumption of classroom instruction:

From May 11th, face-to-face classes for the “pre-grading classes” of secondary schools (high school: 11th grade / junior high school: 9th grade / middle school 8th grade) and for 4th grade elementary school should begin.

Attendance classes for: Elementary school: 1st class; Middle school: 5th grade; Secondary school: 5th and 6th grade and high school: 5th grade.

After the Pentecost holidays, the goal is to resume face-to-face classes for all other grades, alternating weekly.

Child day care
Day care for children should also be gradually ramped up again. According to media reports, 50 percent of children should be able to go to daycare centers again until Pentecost.

As of next Monday, up to three families should be able to join private care groups. Forest kindergartens are also allowed to open again and childcare providers can again look after up to five children. From May 25th, preschool children will be added.

Visits to hospitals and care facilities relaxed
From May 9, the existing ban on visits to hospitals and inpatient care facilities, intensive care shared apartments, old people's homes and senior residences as well as inpatient facilities for people with disabilities will be relaxed. The prerequisite, however, is strict compliance with strict hygiene measures.

Then it is possible to visit a permanent, registered contact person or a family member with a fixed visiting time, compliance with the minimum distance of 1.5 m and the obligation to wear mouth-nose protection for visitors and the person visited.

Shops and restaurants
From May 11, 2020, the opening of all retail and service businesses (wholesale and retail with customer traffic) will be permitted subject to conditions (e.g. mask requirement). The previous restriction to a sales area of ​​800 square meters will then be lifted.

Shopping centers and weekly markets can also reopen, subject to special requirements.

The catering trade may be opened gradually from May 18, 2020, initially in the outdoor area (e.g. beer gardens), dining restaurants in the indoor area from May 25, 2020.

The Pentecost weekend is the time for a possible opening of hotels (including holiday apartments and camping) and other offers in tourism such as castles, sea shipping and amusement parks.

Playgrounds and sports
From May 6th, playgrounds (no soccer fields) will reopen.

Non-contact individual sport with distance (for example tennis, athletics, golf, sailing, riding (also in the hall) or aviation) will be allowed again from May 11th.

From May 11, animal parks and botanical gardens, libraries, museums, galleries, exhibitions and memorials, driving schools and music schools can also be reopened with conditions. (ad)

Author and source information

This text corresponds to the specifications of the medical literature, medical guidelines and current studies and has been checked by medical doctors.


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