Corona virus: Berlin closes all pubs, bars and clubs

Corona virus: Berlin closes all pubs, bars and clubs

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Berlin will cease catering operations from next Tuesday

As announced by the Berlin Senate, all bars, pubs and clubs in Berlin will be closed from Tuesday next week. "The ban will apply from next Tuesday, because only then can the Senate formally create the legal prerequisites," said Governing Mayor Michael Müller (SPD) in a statement after a special session of the Berlin Senate. This is to prevent the corona virus from spreading rapidly.

Affected: bars, pubs, clubs and some restaurants

All catering establishments that are not assigned to the basic food supply are affected. The facilities are instructed not to open anymore.

However, all citizens should already avoid such facilities, since the Senate only needs time to create a legally sustainable framework. “It's about your safety and health. This phase is very important. Everyone will feel limitations, ”said Müller.

Restaurants only open with the rule of distance

Restaurants in Berlin that can adhere to a distance rule can still remain open under these conditions. However, other restaurants have to close if this rule cannot be created. “We cannot promise quick help from the medical side. That is why we have to reduce our encounters in the city to the absolute minimum. Everyone will feel restrictions. But this phase is very important. I ask for solidarity, especially towards older people, ”said the governing mayor.

Tropical Island in Brandenburg will also close

The Tropical Island in Brandenburg will also close. From March 15, 6 p.m. to April 19 inclusive, operations are to be suspended. 158 infections are currently reported from Berlin (as of March 13, 2020).

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