Hamster purchases due to coronavirus disinfectants and respiratory masks are becoming scarce

Hamster purchases due to coronavirus disinfectants and respiratory masks are becoming scarce

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Do not store disinfectants - they are used elsewhere!

The fear of the spreading corona virus has prompted many people to buy large quantities of disinfectants and respirators. These products are now rare where they are really needed - in doctor's offices and hospitals.

Constantly new reports about the corona virus - there can be no harm in bunkering a few bottles of disinfectant - think many unsettled people who are afraid of the infection. But that hurts, say health experts - because the funds are then lacking elsewhere.

Washing your hands thoroughly is enough!

Washing hands is enough - also and especially in times of the new coronavirus and the disease Covid-19. "We're talking about viruses in the new corona virus that can be easily rubbed off by washing your hands thoroughly," says Professor Iris Chaberny, director of the Institute of Hygiene at Leipzig University Hospital. In this respect, it is also unnecessary for most people to stock up on disinfectants.

Disinfectants are more urgently needed elsewhere

In fact, it can even be dangerous if disinfectants are scarce - for seriously ill people. "Disinfectants are urgently needed elsewhere - medical staff need them, not necessarily because of the corona virus, but to fight other pathogens and because things have to be done quickly in everyday clinical practice," emphasizes Chaberny. There is not always time for a thorough hand washing.

Cancer sufferers rely on disinfectants

In addition, there are seriously ill people who rely on disinfectants, for example patients after chemotherapy. "It would be really fatal if there were no more disinfectants," Chaberny emphasizes.

Do not mix disinfectants yourself

Due to the scarcity, instructions for self-mixed disinfectants are currently popular on the Internet. Professor Chaberny is critical of this approach. On the one hand, disinfecting with such agents is superfluous anyway and even makes you careless if you do not wash your hands. On the other hand, self-mixed disinfectants can even be dangerous, for example if there are no moisturizing substances in the self-mixing. "Then the hands dry out, become cracked and thus even more susceptible to pathogens," warns the hygiene expert.

Don't panic unnecessarily

Even if the new Sars-CoV-2 virus is highly contagious, the majority of those affected have an infection that is mild - similar to a cold or flu. A hospital stay is usually not necessary. Instead, a Covid 19 disease can be cured at home. For more information, see the article: Treating Covid-19 with home remedies at home. (vb; source: dpa / tmn)

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