Exercise despite a cold? You should note that!

Exercise despite a cold? You should note that!

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Expert: Exercise less at the first signs of a cold

Those who exercise, even though they have a cold, endanger their health. Those who ignore the signs of a cold can put their lives at risk. The renowned sports scientist Prof. Ingo Froböse explains when we should take a break and when is the best time to start again.

Rule: If your nose doesn't run anymore

Just ignore it, then it goes away on its own? This usually doesn't work for colds. Leisure athletes in particular have to be careful - otherwise there is a risk of a long break. When your nose is running, you shouldn't go running anymore.

A sick body needs protection, says Prof. Ingo Froböse. He heads the Center for Health at the German Sport University Cologne. The jogging round or the training in the gym should therefore be canceled even with supposedly harmless colds.

What signs should we look out for?

A typical first sign of a cold is scratching in the throat. "You don't have to stop there immediately," says Froböse. At the latest when fatigue or fatigue are added, you should at least adjust the training - and choose a more moderate one instead of the intensive unit.

The heart as a warning system

If you want to know exactly, you can measure your resting heart rate in the morning after getting up. If the two to four strokes are higher than usual, this is still normal. But four to six beats are a clear warning sign. "Then there is almost certainly something on the way," says Froböse - and advises on a break from training.

After a cold: when to start training again?

It usually takes a few days for a cold to go away completely. Meanwhile, recreational athletes can slowly start moving again - if only in the form of a walk. It is important not to overwhelm the body yet. And if you had a fever, you should give yourself an extra break: "It should be at least three days of rest after it has subsided." (sb; source: dpa)

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