Health: The most common mistakes in the sauna

Always pay attention to this in the sauna

If you go to the sauna regularly, you can strengthen your health and boost your immune system. If you do not want to harm your health, you should avoid these common mistakes in the sauna. Rainer Brenke, specialist in internal medicine, gives valuable tips.

Regular saunas strengthen the immune system. But the heat can also strain the body. What has to be considered specifically. Anyone who goes to the sauna should neither be hungry nor have a full stomach. The last major meal should have been at least an hour ago, advises Rainer Brenke, specialist in internal medicine, in the magazine “Fit for Fun” (December 2019).

In addition, saunas prefer not to be rushed and plan enough time for the applications - at least two and a half hours. Because the heat is stressing the body, it is advisable not to go to the sauna too late in the evening. Otherwise it could have a negative impact on sleep.

Prepare properly

Take a shower before the first sauna session - but better not too hot. If you want, you can use a moisturizing shower gel. The individual courses should last a maximum of 15 minutes. In general, however: Always listen to the body. The sauna sessions are usually repeated three times.

After each session, you should take a shower with cold water. The cold is important for the stimulus to change. People with high blood pressure should refrain from using the plunge pool. After cooling, dry well and allow yourself a break. Ideally, it lasts as long as the previous sauna session - but at least you rest 10 minutes after you have cooled off.

Avoid risks

Many think that you can only really work up a sweat with an infusion: But that's a mistake. The water vapor on the skin prevents the sweat from evaporating, explains Brenke. The infusions put additional stress on the circulation and temperature regulation.

It is best to use natural additives for the infusion. According to Brenke, infusion oils are not recommended for children and allergy sufferers.

People with chronic diseases first speak to their doctor before visiting the sauna. And if you have a flu-like infection, you have no business in the sauna. (sb; source: dpa / tmn)

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