Dry skin in winter: that helps

Dry skin in winter: that helps

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Dry winter skin: normal - but reason for care

Cracked and dry skin and cracked lips are common skin complaints that many people struggle with in winter. It is normal for the skin to dry out faster in winter, with the right care, but it can be counteracted. A dermatologist explains what to look out for in winter skin care.

In the summer the world was still fine. But in winter the smooth and supple skin is suddenly cracked and dry. "This is nothing to worry about," explains dermatologist Christoph Liebich from Munich from the professional association of German dermatologists. Nevertheless, it is an occasion for care.

Why the skin dries out faster in winter

It itches, it rubs, it scratches: Many people suffer from dry skin in winter. But who is to blame - the cold or the heating air? Both, says the dermatologist. "At temperatures below seven degrees, the body stops producing sebum and fat," says Liebich. But this would be necessary to protect the skin from drying out.

In this tense situation, the typically dry heating air does the rest: after a few winter weeks at the latest, the feeling of dry skin simply does not want to go away.

What helps against dry skin

If you want to take countermeasures, according to the dermatologist, you can first make sure there is enough humidity in the rooms at home - of course, without letting mold or mold go into it. And drinking a lot doesn't hurt either.

You can find more information on the correct use of room humidifiers in the article: Winter complaints: Room humidifiers can help or damage.

"But that alone is not enough," emphasizes the skin expert. Dry winter skin is not possible without additional care. Liebich recommends regularly using so-called rich creams. They donate fat and provide the skin with moisture in the long term.

It is better not to use these care products in winter

Emulsions and body milk, on the other hand, feel pleasant at first, but they often extract moisture from the body - and thus do the opposite of what is intended, warns Liebich. (vb; source: dpa)

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