Yogurt recall: mold germs found to be harmful to health

Molkerei Zott recalls cream yoghurts because of mold germs

The Zott dairy has started a recall for various cream yogurts. According to the company, a mold was found in the affected products. The consumption of dairy products can lead to health problems.

Zott SE & Co. KG is recalling several yoghurts because a routine check showed that a mold (Fusarium) was present. The germ can lead to premature spoilage of the product as well as to health problems.

Products affected by the recall

According to a message that the Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety published on its portal "", the following products are affected by the recall

  • Zott Cream Yogurt Panna Cotta 150g Peach, 10/31/19 F…
  • Zott Cream Yogurt Panna Cotta 150g Blueberry, 10/31/19 F…
  • Zott cream yoghurt panna cotta 150g strawberry, 29.10.19 F…, 01.11.19 F…
  • Zott cream yoghurt panna cotta 150g mango, 29.10.19 F…, 01.11.19 F…
  • Zott Cream Yogurt 150g Peach Passion Fruit, 29.10.19 F…, 01.11.19 F…

As the company reports, all other cream yogurts with the same best-before dates are not affected. The respective batch identification is on the lid of the packaging. The yoghurts were sold at Bela, Bünting, Edeka, Famila, Globus, Kaufland, Metro Deutschland, real, REWE, Tegut and Wasgau.

Consumption can lead to health problems

"The company points out that health impairments such as malaise and diarrhea cannot be ruled out when consuming products that are noticeably sensitive to the senses," the message says. Whether the product is conspicuously sensory can be seen from a bloated or retracted cover plate and a fermented smelling yoghurt mass.

According to the information, the cause of the contamination has meanwhile been identified and remedied. The germ came into the filling process of the above article via a single batch of the Panna Cotta cream. "Consumers who have bought one of the listed items will receive a refund of the purchase price and postage costs even if they do not send a receipt to Zott by mail," explains the dairy. (ad)

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