Refraining from alcohol: How the body changes after a short abstinence

Refraining from alcohol: How the body changes after a short abstinence

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Refrain from alcohol - this is how our body changes

Alcohol is drunk in our society at every opportunity. While small amounts are still absorbed by our organism, the second and third glasses of wine or beer are harmful. Anyone who drinks permanently damages his body and thus his health, sip by sip. Abstinence can bring real health benefits. We explain how our mind and body change.

It is worth giving up alcohol

Simply refraining from drinking alcohol for a certain period of time is always worthwhile. Because even small amounts of alcohol can lead to organ damage, such as cell damage to the liver. In addition, even low alcohol consumption shortens life expectancy, an international team of researchers recently published the result in a study that was published in the specialist magazine Lancet. Of course, it is proven that the greater the consumption, the more harmful it is! Alcohol consumption increases the risks, especially for cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

What happens after two to four weeks of abstinence

Perceptual changes can be felt relatively quickly. Depending on the previous drinking behavior, slight to severe changes occur. But what exactly happens in the body and to what extent the body regenerates itself is unknown to many consumers. Therefore, here is a brief overview of which positive effects can occur after which time period.

After two weeks:

  • Better and deeper sleep,
  • lower calorie intake and thus easier weight loss,
  • increased performance,
  • higher self-confidence through a targeted implementation of the project,
  • Improvement of the immune system,
  • Stress relief.

After four weeks:

  • Lowering blood pressure,
  • Improvement of the complexion,
  • Increase in life energy.

Important: After a month's waiver, the amounts of alcohol should not be made up, but the future drinking behavior should be adjusted according to the recommendations of the doctors. That means, don't drink alcohol at least two days a week!

Psychological effects

In addition to the physical effects, abstaining from alcohol can also have a significant impact on our psyche. In addition to the increase in performance through better sleep and a higher self-esteem, this includes above all increased motivation, increased drive, mental clarity, stress relief, emotional strength, increased joie de vivre and increased social skills.

External changes

Those who drink less alcohol stay young longer - both mentally and physically. The reason for this statement is that alcohol drains and consequently dries out the skin faster, which in turn causes it to age faster. The consequences are more wrinkles and impure skin. Furthermore, alcoholic beverages contain many calories and can therefore contribute to faster weight gain and puffiness. The typical problem areas such as the abdomen or the buttocks and the thighs are particularly affected. If a relatively large amount of alcohol was consumed beforehand, you will also notice positive changes in your own radiance after a few weeks of abstinence.

Consumer behavior in sports

Sports and alcoholic drinks are not only a bad match because alcohol affects performance, it is also counterproductive for metabolism and muscle building. Athletes should therefore always take care not to drink alcohol directly after a training session.

Do without in everyday life - how does that work?

Basically, changing habits is very difficult. Time can be simplified with small rewards for a certain period of time. Distraction from one's own thoughts also reduces the desire for alcohol. But basically a NO counts to alcohol is not a shame and should be said calmly. No social cause obliges to drink alcohol, and there are countless non-alcoholic alternatives. (fm)

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