Salmonella in dog food: Edeka and Netto recall dog food

Salmonella in dog food: Edeka and Netto recall dog food

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Salmonella discovered: further recalls for dog snacks

Nutraferm Petfood GmbH is calling back various types of dog food. According to the company, "chicken necks" and "pig ears" were found to contain salmonella in dog snacks. These bacteria pose a significant health risk to both humans and animals.

Only a few days ago, Nutraferm Petfood GmbH started a dog snack recall because salmonella was found in it. Now the company is calling back further dog food varieties from Vechta in Lower Saxony. In it, the health-endangering bacteria were also detected.

Salmonella in pork ears and chicken necks

As the company announces on its website, the following articles are recalled:

  • "Chicken necks" in a 100g bag with the name EDEKA with the best-before date printed on the back of the packaging on December 15th, 20 and the batch number 1406
  • "Pig ears" 2 pieces with the designation EDEKA with the best-before date printed on the back of the packaging 02.02.21 and the batch number 0108
  • "Pig ears" 2 pieces with the name pablo with the best-before date printed on the back of the packaging and the batch number 030819

According to the company, Salmonella has been detected in individual samples of these articles. The goods were taken off the market, detached from the best-before date. "The affected articles" EDEKA chicken necks "and" EDEKA pig ears were mainly offered by Marktkauf and EDEKA. The affected article "Pablo Pig Ears" was offered at Netto Marken-Discount, "the company reports. Consumers who have bought the affected items will receive a refund of the purchase price at their shops even without presenting the receipt.

Bacteria can be dangerous for humans and animals

Salmonella are bacteria that can lead to salmonellosis in both humans and animals. Puppies and young dogs are particularly susceptible to dogs. "Mostly latent infections are observed. Under the influence of favorable factors, diarrhea, vomiting and fever can also develop," the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Security (AGES) writes on its website.

A potential danger from dog snacks can also exist for humans, since the bacteria "for toddlers living in the household and older and immunocompromised persons" represent a considerable risk of infection, as the Lower Saxony State Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety (Laves) explains. (ad)

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