Warning recall for flour because of dangerous tropanol alkali

Warning recall for flour because of dangerous tropanol alkali

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Company recalls gluten-free buckwheat flour for tropic alkali

Bio Partner Schweiz AG has started a recall of the article "Buckwheat flour gluten-free 500 g, Nature & Cie". According to the food wholesaler, tropane alkaloids were found in the flour. These natural plant ingredients can lead to health problems.

Bio Partner Schweiz AG is recalling the article "Buckwheat flour gluten-free 500 g, Nature & Cie" with the best before date 05.2020. According to a message that was published on the internet portal “”, tropane alkaloids were detected in the products with the expiration date listed. According to the information, a risk to health cannot be ruled out with larger amounts and low body weight. “Consumers are asked to stop consuming and disposing of the products. The foreign substances cannot be eliminated by cooking processes, ”the company writes.

Toxic to humans

“Tropan alkaloids are natural plant ingredients that occur in a variety of plants, especially in nightshade plants such as. B. henbane, thorn apple and belladonna ”, explains the Austrian Agency for Health and Food Security (AGES) on its website.

“Plants form tropane alkaloids to protect themselves against predators (e.g. insects). Tropan alkaloids are also toxic to humans, ”say the experts, who point out that cases of poisoning have been reported in Slovenia and Austria, among others, in recent years.

Symptoms such as dry mouth, hot red skin, visual disturbances, tachycardia (rapid heartbeat), speech disorders, dizziness, disorientation and hallucinations were observed in those affected.

“If you experience symptoms like this after eating potentially contaminated food such as in cereals, millet or buckwheat and foods made from them, please see a doctor, ”writes AGES. (ad)

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