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Home remedies for oily skin

The best tips for treating oily skin

Oily, shiny skin, usually associated with blemishes, is often very uncomfortable for those affected. The use of chemical agents is obvious - but in many cases it is not necessary to tackle the problem. Instead, home remedies and proper nutrition are usually sufficient to successfully treat skin problems.

Important for oily skin: the right nutrition

An unhealthy diet that contains too much fat and / or sweets can lead to oily skin. Accordingly, a basic diet that is rich in fresh fruits and vegetables should be sought. Bananas, mandarins, potatoes, cauliflower, fresh peas, lamb's lettuce and spinach are particularly suitable here. Other basic foods include white beans, lamb's lettuce, spinach, celery, tomatoes and raisins.

Animal foods that burden the body with acids should be reduced. It is important to make sure that you have sufficient fluids, especially still water is recommended.

Vitamin A is particularly important for healthy skin. This is particularly high in leafy greens, tomatoes, carrots, broccoli and apricots.

The diet should be high in zinc. A high content of the trace element can be found, for example, in rye and wheat seedlings, sunflower seeds, wheat bran, cashew nuts, cheese and Brazil nuts.

In some cases, taking zinc in the form of tablets is indicated. However, this should not be decided arbitrarily. Brewer's yeast tablets, which are taken over a long period of time, are also a way to tackle oily skin.

Cleaning is the be-all and end-all

To get and keep healthy, beautiful skin, cleaning is the be-all and end-all. Especially with oily skin, this is absolutely necessary. It is best to use a gentle product that does not contain any synthetic and chemical additives such as parabens, emulsifiers, fragrances, colors and perfumes.

The water used to wash the face should never be hot. This would stimulate the sebum glands even more to produce. Lukewarm or cool water is better.

Natural facial toner to clear the skin

A very simple and effective home remedy for cleaning is buttermilk, to which a splash of lemon juice is added. Yarrow tea, which is freshly prepared every day, can also be helpful. The tannins contained in the yarrow have an astringent (contracting), antibacterial and wound healing effect.

If it is not too much trouble, you can make a lotion from an egg yolk and a little cucumber water, which is also suitable for cleaning oily skin. A short exposure time supports the effect. Of course, this home remedy must be freshly prepared every day.

Care with wheat bran and aloe vera

Wheat bran is also very natural. For this, a linen bag is filled with a little wheat bran, closed and poured with boiling water. The whole thing should take about 15 minutes. The sachet is then pressed out. Once the brew has cooled down, it can be used for cleaning.

If the skin is oily and prone to pimples, a marigold tea will also help with daily clarification. Dabbing daily with a good organic apple cider vinegar or a pure aloe vera gel rounds off the cleaning process.

Gentle and effective at the same time: walnut lotion

Walnut leaves are very good for treating oily skin. They contain cleaning and fat-binding substances, have an anti-inflammatory and contracting effect.

Recipe for walnut lotion:
  • Place a handful of chopped walnut leaves in a saucepan
  • Boil them together with 200ml of distilled water for about 30 minutes
  • Now the leaves are strained and 50 times witch hazel water (from the pharmacy or the health food store) is added
  • With the help of a cotton pad, the lotion is used in the evening to clean the skin

Washing paste with almond bran

Almond bran has proven itself many times in the fight against an oily complexion.

For the washing paste you need:
  • 1 cup almond bran
  • 250 ml whole milk
  • 15ml almond oil

Mix the ingredients together until you get a smooth paste. Massage these into the facial skin with circular movements and then wash them off with lukewarm water. Use the bran porridge for cleaning every evening.

Effective peels against oily skin

Exfoliation should be used regularly on oily skin. Because it ensures free pores, promotes blood circulation to the skin, eliminates dead skin cells and makes the skin appear fresh and rosy.

Important: Make sure that the cleaning substances are not too coarse and the ingredients are fresh with each use. In addition, the peeling should not be carried out too often. It is allowed once or twice a week for oily skin, but only every two to three weeks for dry skin. The skin must be cleaned before the peeling. If itching, feeling tense, redness or even burning, a gentler variant must be selected.

Peeling with salt

An easy-to-use home remedy is peeling with salt. For this, a small amount of Himalayan or sea salt is mixed with a little extra virgin olive oil or cream. This mass is gently applied to the wet face with circular movements, then washed off with plenty of lukewarm water and carefully dabbed off with a towel. The skin then feels wonderfully soft. This recipe can also be used as a body scrub.

Massage with grated walnuts

An effective natural remedy for oily skin is an exfoliation made from grated walnuts. These are mixed with a little lean yogurt, then applied in a circular motion to the damp face and then removed with plenty of water.

Peeling with oatmeal or wheat bran

For this application, a tablespoon of wheat bran or a tablespoon of finely grated oatmeal is mixed with a little oil or cream and gently massaged into the skin of the face. The peeling gives a fresh complexion and counteracts the oily skin due to its cleansing power.

Soothing and helpful for impure skin: steam baths

An effective and popular home remedy for oily, blemished skin is a facial steam bath with chamomile. The steam gently cleanses the skin thoroughly and provides it with good blood flow. The well-tried, traditional medicinal plant chamomile has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect and can therefore help with impurities and skin irritation.

The steam bath should be done once a week. Instead of chamomile flowers, a tablespoon of Himalayan salt or a handful of marigold flowers can be added to the water.

Instructions for a facial steam bath:
  1. Place two tablespoons of chamomile flowers in a heat-resistant bowl
  2. Pour one to one and a half liters of boiling water over them
  3. Let the whole thing steep for 10 minutes
  4. If the temperature is bearable, the face is held 20 to 30 cm above the bowl
  5. Now a towel is placed over the head and bowl so that the water vapor cannot escape on the sides
  6. Hold your face in the water vapor for a quarter of an hour
  7. Then the skin is carefully dabbed off and applied with a mild moisturizer

Intensive skin care through masks

Masks should always be freshly prepared and best applied before going to sleep. The skin can rest overnight and is not immediately exposed to environmental influences. The skin must be cleaned before use.

The eye area and mouth should always be left out of the treatment. The masks are applied with a brush or a cotton pad and washed off with lukewarm water after the individual exposure time.

Face mask with sauerkraut

A somewhat unusual but natural remedy for oily skin is the application of raw sauerkraut. This will be removed after about twenty minutes. Sauerkraut has a clarifying and calming effect.

Mask with egg white and lemon

For this, a protein is beaten until stiff. Then a few sprinkles of freshly squeezed lemon juice are added to the egg whites and stirred well. The mask remains on the face for about 15 minutes. After washing, the skin should only be dabbed on. Caution: This mask can cause redness on sensitive skin.

Tomato and milk against oily skin

Another helpful home remedy for oily and blemished skin is a face mask with milk and tomato.

For this you need:
  • 1 tablespoon of oatmeal
  • Half a tomato
  • 1 tablespoon of warmed milk

The oatmeal is ground using a blender or another suitable kitchen appliance. Add half the tomato and milk and puree everything together. So that the oatmeal can swell a little, the mass remains for a quarter of an hour before it is used as a mask. Then it is placed on the face and carefully removed after about 15 minutes.

Natural help with healing earth and tea tree oil

Healing earth has a detoxifying effect and tea tree oil has an antibacterial effect, which is a good combination for oily skin. Mix two tablespoons of healing earth and a little water into a porridge and add a drop or two of good, high-quality tea tree oil to it. The paste is applied to the skin with a brush and remains there for about twenty minutes. If the mask feels uncomfortable, it is washed off immediately to avoid skin irritation.

Face masks with honey and skimmed curd

A very easy to use application is an apple and honey mask. For this, a sour apple is peeled, pitted and pureed together with a little honey. The result is a pleasant, tasty paste that has a cleaning and antibacterial effect and can therefore be a good help for oily skin. The refreshing mixture, which is also popular as a home remedy for pimples, remains on the skin for 15 minutes.

Lean curd cleans, cares and is therefore well suited for a mask against shiny, oily skin. Mix two tablespoons of skimmed curd with a tablespoon of warmed skimmed milk and let the mixture work for a quarter of an hour.

Tea recipes - help from the inside

It is best to treat skin problems from the outside and from the inside at the same time. Plants such as pansy herb, birch and walnut leaves, daisies, nettles and dandelions are used for oily skin. All tea herbs should not be drunk continuously for longer than six weeks.

Tea blend against blemished skin

In order to detoxify the body from the inside and thus also the skin, a mixture of effective medicinal plants is recommended.

Tea recipe for beautiful skin:
  1. Mix equal parts of dandelion, nettle and birch leaves
  2. Pour 250 milliliters of boiling water over a teaspoon of the mixture
  3. The tea should brew for about five to six minutes
  4. Drink three cups of this tea mixture throughout the day, for a maximum of four to five weeks

Infusion with pansies

The pansy herb has an antibacterial and cleansing effect and is therefore a proven home remedy for acne, blemished and oily skin. For the tea, a level teaspoon is required per cup (approx. 250 ml) and brewed with a quarter liter of boiling water. After five minutes, the infusion is strained. Two to three cups of tea can be drunk each day.

Daisy tea

The daisy (Latin: Bellis perennis) is a plant that can withstand all adverse weather conditions. This is reflected not least in its broad spectrum of activity. It helps with a wide variety of skin diseases, including oily and blemished skin. A teaspoonful of daisies is poured with a quarter liter of boiling water and should then steep for about seven to ten minutes. Two to three cups a day are drunk from the tea.

Schuessler salts

For oily skin, the Schüssler salts number 3 (Ferrum phosphoricum), number 9 (sodium phosphoricum) and number 10 (sodium sulfuricum) have proven their worth.

General tips for oily skin

Oily skin usually arises due to a hormonal change, for example during phases of puberty, pregnancy or in the menopause. An unhealthy diet, too much alcohol or nicotine can also promote an oily texture on the skin. Most of the time, this can be changed positively by changing your diet and changing certain lifestyle habits.

If these steps do not help, the home remedies mentioned are an option. If the skin is very poor and cannot be influenced at all, see a doctor. Oily skin has one good thing: it withstands environmental influences better and is less prone to wrinkles. (sw, nr)

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