Recall: Children's shirts with harmful dye in circulation

Dangerous dye: Ernsting’s familiy starts recall for children's shirts

The textile company Ernsting’s familiy has started a recall for children's shirts. According to the retailer, it was found that the shirts contain a health-endangering azo dye in excessive amounts.

The retailer Ernsting’s familiy is recalling the article “LEGO® NINJAGO®” shirt by the manufacturer Kabooki A / S. According to the company, it was determined by self-checks that the black print (on the outside / outside of the shirts) contains a health-threatening azo dye that exceeds the legal limit. Already purchased items can be returned to any Ernsting’s family branch. The purchase price will also be reimbursed without a receipt.

Carcinogenic effects

Many azo dyes are suspected of being carcinogenic if they are broken down into carcinogenic starting compounds in human metabolism, ”explains the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) on its website. "In addition, they should trigger pseudoallergic symptoms on the skin and respiratory tract in people who are predisposed to this and play a decisive role in the hyperkinetic syndrome," write the experts.

The use of azo dyes in the food and consumer goods sector (e.g. dyeing food, textiles and leather) is therefore significantly restricted. According to the LGL, only those azo dyes may be used that have been proven to be safe for the respective application. (ad)

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