No weight gain through the birth control pill

Does the birth control pill cause weight gain?

Taking the birth control pill does not lead to weight gain. There has long been speculation that the pill can make women gain weight, but this has been refuted in a recent study.

When examining the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare (FSRH), it was found that taking the pill did not lead to weight gain. The researchers published a press release on the results of the study.

No evidence of weight gain from the pill

So far, it has been a common assumption that taking birth control pills contributes to weight gain. This has been attributed to previously unknown effects of hormones. In fact, many women have chosen not to take the pill because they feared that it would make them gain weight. However, researchers have now investigated a possible connection and found that there is no evidence of weight gain from taking the pill.

It was a natural weight gain

According to the researchers, women of childbearing age naturally increase over time. This happens regardless of the method of contraception used. Women often say that they do not want to start or continue contraception because they fear that it will put them on weight. In studies, however, women increased on average over the same period regardless of whether they used hormonal contraception or not, the research group reports.

Did some women still gain weight with the pill?

After considering all available results from existing studies, researchers can say that the average weight gain while using contraceptive pills is very small and is not significantly different from the weight gain without hormonal contraception. However, there were also women who took the pill with increased water retention, making them appear thicker. However, this is not a weight gain due to an increase in body fat. Higher doses of estrogen can increase water retention, making women feel fatter, the research group explains. (as)

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