Drinking a lot is not enough: What you should consider when exercising during the heat wave

Exercise in sweaty heat: You should definitely follow these rules

Temperatures have dropped somewhat in most regions, but in some places it's still over 30 degrees. If you want to do sports in this heat, you should definitely drink a lot. But that alone is not enough. A health professional explains which rules should be followed.

The heart and circulation have to do additional work

The current heat wave causes problems for many people even when they are idle. But what if you don't want to do without your sport? The fact is that the heart and circulation have to do additional work at the high temperatures so that the body does not overheat. The muscles are less supplied with blood and supplied with oxygen and nutrients. Training in the heat is extremely exhausting and you are exhausted faster. The sports medicine professor Dr. Uwe Tegtbur from the Hannover Medical School (MHH) gives some tips in a message that will help you stay fit and healthy even in extreme temperatures.

Cheap sports in the heat

According to Professor Tegtbur, sports with long endurance training and little temperature exchange are not favorable in this heat.

Gymnastics and yoga, on the other hand, are optimal because the body reacts very well to flexibility training in warm temperatures.

"Break out of your routine and do something different," says the sports doctor. "Choose the sport according to the external conditions. This change is also good for our health. ”

One should always think about the components of physical performance: Not only endurance is important, but also strengthening, coordination and flexibility.

Properly sparing and not doing any sports these days, people with heart failure (cardiac muscle weakness) should.

Use the right time of day

It is also important to use the right time of day for the training. The decisive factors are temperature, solar radiation and the ozone value.

If you don't want to do without your endurance sport, in which you work hard and therefore consume a lot of calories, you should definitely practice it in the early morning.

In addition, you should take a little back, so run slower, ride a slower bike. In the evening, the sun is less, but the temperatures are high.

Do not overload children

"Children cannot control themselves so well, one shouldn't forget that," says Tegtbur.

However, there is usually a supervisor during training who is a trained instructor and ensures that the children do not overwork themselves.

Drink enough

In general, make sure you drink enough. According to Tegtbur, it should already be at least one liter of fluid per hour of training.

A good rhythm is to drink about a quarter of a liter every quarter of an hour. Important: Prepare to drink consciously for training. As a cyclist, for example, by having a drinking bottle with a holder.

However, it shouldn't just be pure water. Because the body has to absorb everything that it loses during sweating.

And that includes salts such as the electrolytes magnesium, potassium and sodium. So it's best to mix water with some juice.

Healthy eating

Nutrition also plays an important role. According to the expert, it should be a mixed diet well distributed throughout the day.

The important trace elements and minerals can only be obtained by combining different foods.

The most important part of such a mixed diet should therefore be vegetables.

Appropriate clothing and sun protection

Prof. Dr. Tegtbur recommends wearing light functional clothing and headgear such as a hat or cloth. The hair alone does not provide adequate protection against the sun's rays.

As soon as you start to sweat during training, the salts on the skin reflect even more radiation. The doctor therefore advises - depending on the skin type - to use a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 30 to 50.

And he has another tip, especially for cyclists: if they wipe the sweat from the forehead with the back of their hands while driving, the protection of the skin on the hands is quickly gone.

But the hands in particular are permanently exposed to the sun's rays when cycling. Therefore cycling gloves should be worn. (ad)

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