Lose weight with success: Avoid these diet mistakes and achieve the desired weight

Lose weight with success: Avoid these diet mistakes and achieve the desired weight

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Get a grip on body weight - avoid dietary mistakes

Regardless of whether you want to shed extra pounds, feel fitter or do something good for your health: there are many good reasons why people want to lose weight. But often it simply does not want and does not want to work with losing weight. This could be due to some common dietary errors.

Health risk overweight

If you consider that being overweight or obese (obesity) can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure and an increased risk of further cardiovascular diseases, there are certainly enough good reasons to lose extra pounds. Many try to slim down again through a diet. But typical weight loss mistakes are often made. Health experts explain how such mistakes can be avoided on the way to the ideal figure.

Negative impact on mental wellbeing

To make it possible to lose weight, you should definitely avoid the biggest diet mistakes - and rely on a kind of overall strategy, the health insurance company hkk explains on its website.

Lightning diets or weight loss tips, such as those circulating in many women's magazines and long since on the Internet, often fall short - or are even counterproductive.

This ultimately leads to the failure of the weight loss plans - and consequently also to frustration.

According to the experts, this is doubly harmful: the unfavorable influence of overweight on physical health remains.

In addition, frustration can have a negative impact on mental well-being. The health insurance company therefore points out how you can do better.

The intestine only absorbs part of the available energy

The health insurance company explains that the assumption that weight problems can be easily managed with reduced food intake is wrong.

Because human digestion is amazingly adaptable: with an abundant supply of nutrients - and this is actually the case for all people in the industrialized nations - the intestine only absorbs part of the available energy. The rest are eliminated unused.

If this supply is restricted, however, the body does everything possible to optimize the utilization of the available food. This cannot be controlled consciously. It is an automated survival strategy for bad times.

Rely on foods that are high in fiber and bitter

As the HKK explains, it is not the amount of food that is decisive, but the composition.

Instead of just eating less, you should eat differently. For example, foods with a high energy content, in particular sweets, white flour products, fried foods, fatty sauces, etc. should be replaced by foods that are high in fiber and bitter.

Dietary fibers slow down the digestive process in the intestine - and thus ensure a more even and restricted energy consumption. And bitter substances curb your appetite.

The amount of fruit, vegetables and lettuce in the diet should be increased. Whole grain products are also advisable.

Don't just count calories

Another mistake that is often made: Numerous diets focus on the number of calories in the diet.

Of course, the amount of calories consumed has an impact on whether love handles are formed - or whether they are broken down. According to the experts, however, this is a very one-sided view.

Because in addition to calorie intake, calorie consumption is also very important. In addition, the form in which the calories ingested are important should not be underestimated:

For example, a certain number of sugar cubes can contain the same number of calories as whole-grain bread rich in fiber. Digestion is very different.

Increase calorie consumption

Basically, it is important to increase calorie consumption.

Bring movement into your life - in a way that you enjoy and that can be harmonized with your everyday life, hkk advises.

Sport in any form is of course particularly well suited for this. However, if you are unable to get yourself to do regular training, there are other ways to increase calorie consumption: energy is also burned when dancing.

And even in everyday life there are many options for taking the stairs instead of the elevator, for example.

Mechanisms like famine

It happens again and again that after a successful short-term diet, the body gains weight even more - the so-called yo-yo effect.

This has to do with the fact that with all diets that are associated with reduced food or calorie intake, there is always the possibility that the body switches to a kind of emergency program.

According to the health insurance company, the diet then triggers the same mechanisms as a famine. Energy consumption and consumption are optimized.

The body learns to make the best of the few available. Existing energy reserves are used as optimally as possible.

But if this famine (or diet) is over, the body will put all its levers in motion to replenish used energy reserves as quickly as possible: As a result, fat deposits will be back faster than they were broken down.

Avoid yo-yo effects

All so-called crash or lightning diets should therefore be met with great skepticism. Rather, the body should be permanently used to a change in nutrient intake. In addition, the diet must be changed over the long term.

Ultimately, with all attempts to lose weight that are not associated with a permanent change in lifestyle, there is a high risk of corresponding relapses.

It is also important to maintain a positive body feeling. The health insurance company warns against trying to compare itself with models from advertising, for example.

A large part of the population is already proportionally different in terms of bone structure - and cannot achieve this supposed ideal at all.

In any case, an unhealthy slimming craze is widespread in the fashion and advertising industry. In addition, proportions and skin areas are subsequently digitally processed.

What a majority of the media present as normal definitely has little to do with what can be considered medically healthy - and with what normal people can feel comfortable in the long term. (ad)

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