Written invitation for the early detection and prevention of colon cancer for the first time

Written invitation for the early detection and prevention of colon cancer for the first time

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New regulation: Legally insured persons are invited to screen for colorectal cancer

Colon cancer is one of the most common cancers in Germany. As a rule, this type of cancer can be cured very well if it is recognized early. Therefore, precaution is particularly useful here. There has therefore been a new regulation since the beginning of the month: The statutory health insurance companies invite you in writing to a colon cancer screening.

One of the most common cancers in Germany

"Colon cancer is the second most common cancer in women and the third most common in men," explains the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians on its website. The chances of recovery depend heavily on how early the cancer and its precursors are discovered. According to the German Cancer Society, it is assumed that “if diagnosed early, 90 percent of all colon cancer patients can be cured. This is why early detection plays an important role in colon cancer, ”write the experts. Unfortunately, many people do not know that they are legally entitled to early screening for colorectal cancer. Thanks to a new regulation, you will now be informed in writing.

A new age limit applies to the assumption of costs

As with many other types of cancer, colorectal cancer means that the earlier the disease is diagnosed, the higher the chances of recovery.

There are various preventive examinations for this, such as colonoscopy. These are particularly important if colon cancer has already occurred in the family.

What the insured should know: The health insurance companies are now covering the costs from the new age limit of 50. In the past, the right to such an examination was limited to 55 years.

But even those who did not know this before will now be informed. Because since July 1st, the statutory health insurance companies have been inviting people to bowel cancer screening for the first time. Women and men aged 50 and over are contacted.

Chances of recovery are greatly improved

“Colon cancer is one of the types of cancer in which early diagnosis and preventive care greatly improve the chances of recovery. We therefore expressly encourage you to use colorectal cancer screening, ”says Prof. Dr. Christoph Straub, CEO of Barmer in a message.

In the future, the health insurance will invite around 600,000 men and women every year, around 90,000 women and 60,000 men across the country alone at the start of the campaign.

It is estimated that in 2018 alone around 33,000 men and 26,000 women in Germany contracted colorectal cancer.

Important stage win

For Professor Jürgen F. Riemann, Chairman of the Board of the LebensBlicke Foundation, the active and regularly repeated invitation is an important stage win.

"The LebensBlicke Foundation has long been committed to improving colon cancer screening and early detection," said Riemann in a statement.

“The new statutory regulation now brings all insured persons aged 50 and over a personal invitation to preventive care, which is repeated at regular intervals. This is an important step towards improving colorectal cancer screening, ”says the CEO.

One success is that men can have a colonoscopy at the age of 50.

The invitation provides information on the early detection of colorectal cancer, explains the disease, the course of a colonoscopy and stool test as well as its advantages and disadvantages

In colonoscopy, polyps can be removed immediately if necessary

The Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) explains on its website which offers for the early detection of colorectal cancer TK insured persons can use from the age of 50:

"Depending on the age, early detection can be done either by testing for occult (invisible) blood in the stool or by colonoscopy (endoscopic examination of the entire colon)," writes the health insurance fund.

And: “With a colonoscopy, polyps (early stages of a possible colon cancer) can be removed immediately if necessary.” (Ad)

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