Alcohol consumption during the rule - not a good idea!

Alcohol consumption during the rule - not a good idea!

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Women should avoid alcohol during menstruation

Most women often experience violent menstrual pain and mood swings during menstruation. Making the symptoms more bearable with a few glasses of wine is not a good idea. Because alcohol can make the period much worse.

Recurring complaints

Menstruation is really not a good time for most women: Periodic bleeding from the uterus is often accompanied by symptoms such as back pain, abdominal cramps and mood swings during the period. In addition, sensitive breasts, dizziness and headaches up to the migraine attack can make life difficult for women. But there are some ways to help fight menstrual cramps. But alcohol is not one of them. On the contrary: alcoholic beverages make everything worse.

Alcohol is no solution

While it may be tempting to combat the symptoms during menstruation with a few glasses of wine, sparkling wine or beer, it is not recommended.

Women should stay sober during the period, as alcohol can aggravate or trigger some symptoms.

And even before the onset of monthly bleeding, alcoholic beverages can harm and aggravate the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS), such as abdominal pain.

Complaints increase

Alcohol also affects the body's hormonal balance. This can lead to an irregular menstrual cycle or even the absence of a menstrual period.

In addition, alcohol consumption affects the length of the period.

Furthermore, alcoholic beverages ensure that fluid is withdrawn from the body, which contributes to the fact that the usual cramps are even more intense.

And last but not least, the magnesium content in the woman's body decreases during the menstrual period. Alcohol consumption exacerbates the problem.

This can lead to increased food cravings, among other things, because the lack of minerals causes the blood sugar level to drop.

Relieve menstrual cramps naturally

However, there are ways to relieve menstrual cramps naturally. So women can fight abdominal pain by moving a lot.

But even if sport helps against menstrual cramps, experts warn against exercising too intensely, as this can lead to an irregular period or even failure to do so.

Women should only do sports if they feel able to do so. Those who suffer too much from menstrual cramps do not have to force themselves to move.

Diet can also make an important contribution to alleviating the symptoms. For example, ginger is known to relieve cramps. In addition, the bulb warms from the inside, relaxes and reduces pain.

Health experts generally recommend foods that have a draining and cleaning effect, such as fruit, whole grain rice or nettle tea.

Those who rely on naturopathy for menstrual pain can, for example, provide soothing warmth “from the inside” with a healing tea for which mugwort leaves, lady's mantle, yarrow or chamomile are used. (ad)

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