Hypertension: More exercise and coping with stress to lower blood pressure naturally

Natural measures to lower blood pressure

High blood pressure is often the result when unfavorable lifestyle factors such as overweight, excessive salt intake, lack of exercise, too much alcohol, smoking and stress come together. In the meantime, 20 and 30 million adults in Germany already suffer from the symptoms, which is often also used in medicine Silent killer referred to as. Many use antihypertensive medications to prevent the consequential damage of high blood pressure. But there are also natural measures to get hypertension under control. Exercise and coping with stress are among the most effective.

Professor Dr. med. Martin Halle sits on the Scientific Advisory Board of the German Heart Foundation and is Medical Director of the Center for Prevention at the TU Munich. He recommends natural methods that can naturally lower blood pressure. According to the expert, the best measures include coping with stress and exercising regularly.

Lower blood pressure with movement

Endurance sports in particular are suitable for tackling high blood pressure. "The best endurance sports include cycling, brisk walking, hiking, Nordic walking and jogging," reports the professor. Ball sports such as tennis are also suitable as long as they are not performed under competitive conditions. In addition, a light weight training is advisable, which supports the endurance training.

If the blood pressure is too high, medication should be taken first

If you are not yet active in sports but already have high blood pressure values, you should take medication before starting the training, Dr. advises Hall. This prevents the blood pressure from shooting up further under stress. Above all, regularity is even more important than the chosen sport. "Going for a quick walk for ten minutes a day can significantly reduce the risk of heart disease," explains the specialist. You shouldn't be too ambitious to avoid dangerous overloading.

Incidentally, reduce the risk of dementia

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently published a policy to reduce the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's. It mentions endurance sports as an effective means of preventing and delaying mental degradation. For more information, read the article: These four measures can prevent dementia and Alzheimer's.

You should keep this in mind when exercising against high blood pressure

Before the training begins, those affected should have a cardiologist check them out. Patients who also suffer from concomitant diseases such as diabetes or coronary heart disease (CHD) must exercise particular caution. According to the German Heart Foundation, the following aspects should be considered:

  • Before starting training, the blood pressure must be well adjusted.
  • No sport should be started with values ‚Äč‚Äčabove 160/95 mmHg.
  • The training should only be so stressful that you can have a good conversation.
  • Endurance training should be supplemented by moderate strength training under expert guidance.
  • For people who cannot jog or ride a bike, walking with arms, like Nordic Walking, is an alternative.

Stress damages the heart

In addition to exercise, coping with stress is another important building block for lowering blood pressure. Current studies by the Technical University of Munich show how strongly stress affects blood pressure and influences the risk of premature cardiac death. The combination of occupational stress and lack of sleep, which triples the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases, is particularly dangerous. Professor Dr. Martin Halle advises the following:

  • A healthy alternation of tension and relaxation should be maintained.
  • In addition to exercise, targeted relaxation methods are suitable for reducing stress.
  • Stimulating activities such as hiking together, cooking with friends or visiting the theater also reduce stress.
  • Active relaxation is more effective than an evening on the sofa.
  • If you suffer from permanent dissatisfaction, you should change things if possible and look for a new job, for example.
  • Career goals should be chosen appropriately so that they do not degenerate into harmful permanent stress.


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