The German Cancer Aid is calling for even more far-reaching bans on e-cigarettes

The German Cancer Aid is calling for even more far-reaching bans on e-cigarettes

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Smoking: price increases and extended bans are planned

Smokers have to be prepared for expensive times. The President of the Medical Association Frank Ulrich Montgomery and the CEO of the German Cancer Aid Gerd Nettekoven are pushing for an expansion of the tobacco advertising ban to e-cigarettes and tobacco heaters as well as massive tax increases for cigarettes and tobacco.

The “National Decade Against Cancer” has just begun, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research recently announced together with the Federal Ministry of Health, the German Cancer Research Center and the German Cancer Aid. Germany is the shameful bottom in Europe when it comes to the ban on tobacco advertising, Gerd Nettekoven told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung. This should now be changed.

Bans on tobacco should be tightened

Despite 120,000 deaths annually as a result of tobacco use, an extensive ban on tobacco is still a matter of controversy. The German Cancer Aid wants to campaign for a ban on outdoor advertising on billboards and for advertising in the cinema after 6 p.m. as well as for a ban on the distribution of free cigarettes in advertising campaigns. In addition, Nettekoven advocated a drastic increase in tobacco taxes.

No exceptions for tobacco heaters and e-cigarettes

According to Nettekoven, tobacco heaters and e-cigarettes should not have any special regulations. In the opinion of the CEO of the German Cancer Aid, the bans should apply equally to tobacco smoke alternatives. Even if these products are less polluting than tobacco smoke, they still pose a health risk to their consumers, said Nettekoven. Especially for young people and non-smokers, these products are a possible way to become addicted to nicotine, which makes a later switch to classic tobacco products more likely. As a result, the successes of tobacco prevention in recent years are endangered.

German cancer aid calls for continuous tax increases

However, the ban on advertising should not remain. The German Cancer Aid wants to work for a noticeable and continuous price increase based on the French anti-smoking policy. In March 2019, the price of a pack of cigarettes in France was raised to EUR 8.80. In November 2020, the price is expected to rise again to around ten euros.

Heart attacks also from e-cigarettes

A recent American study suggests that the use of e-cigarettes is associated with an increased risk of developing heart attacks. In addition, those affected seem to be more likely to suffer from depression.

Germany pays billions for smokers

In addition to the loss of life, Gerd Nettekoven also draws attention to the drastic costs of smoking. These should amount to at least 80 billion euros per year. The health system has to spend over 25 billion euros for sick smokers. In addition, there would be over 53 billion euros for lost production and early retirement. This article will help you quit: quit smoking! (vb)

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