Cleaning agent recall: risk of injury from unsafe squirt bottle

Henkel calls the cleaner Bref Power bacteria & mold back

The cleaning agent manufacturer Henkel is calling back a cleaning agent. The spray head on some spray bottles is apparently defective, which means that the aggressive cleaner can escape in an uncontrolled manner. If the chemical liquid gets into the eyes, for example, injuries are possible, the manufacturer warns.

The cleaning agent "Bref Power Bacteria & Mold" is affected by the recall. The affected products can be identified by the production figures. If this ends with the number "17" or "18", the squirt bottle should no longer be used. The identification number can be found on the back of the bottle on the bottle neck.

Please do not use affected bottles anymore

"Even if you have already used the product and the bottle appears to be fully functional, we would like to ask you, as a precaution, not to continue using the product," Henkel wrote in a customer information. You should never try to put the spray head back on the bottle if it has already fallen off.

Cleaner should not be returned to the supermarket

Henkel asks the customers who bought one of the above-mentioned cleaners to contact their in-house consumer advice service. Each customer will then receive a voucher worth 5 euros as compensation. According to Henkel, the callback is not handled through the purchasing department as usual. Instead, the manufacturer asks the customers to take the affected product to the local recycling center for disposal.

Skin and eye damage possible

If the cleaner gets on the skin or in the eyes, the area should be rinsed gently with water for a few minutes, the manufacturer warns. If there are contact lenses, they should be removed if possible. If the pain in the eyes does not subside after a while, contact a doctor and show the packaging or label. (vb)

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