New drug to treat six different types of cancer

New drug to treat six different types of cancer

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Medications sneak into cells and destroy them from the inside

Experts have now developed an anti-cancer drug that works like a kind of Trojan horse. It almost sneaks into diseased cells and enables effective treatment of six different types of cancer, even if the disease is already at an advanced stage and other treatments are no longer effective.

In their current investigation, scientists from the Institute of Cancer Research and the Royal Marsden Hospital have developed a cancer drug that can be used to effectively treat six forms of cancer. The doctors published the results of their study in the English-language journal "The Lancet Oncology".

Drug penetrates cells and poisons them

The drug has been shown to be extremely effective in patients with advanced cancer, even if the disease no longer responds to other types of treatment, the study authors explain. The newly developed drug sneaks into the cells like a Trojan horse and then releases a toxic substance that kills the cells. A significant minority of the tumors shrank or stopped growing on average for 5.7 to 9.5 months.

What types of cancer has the drug been effective on?

About 27 percent of patients with bladder cancer, 27 percent of women with cervical cancer and 14 percent of women with ovarian cancer benefited from the new type of treatment. In addition, the agent also worked in 13 percent of the subjects with esophageal carcinoma, in 13 percent of the patients with non-small cell lung cancer and in seven percent of the subjects with endometrial cancer.

Tisotumab vedotin has been tested on almost 150 patients

The innovative new drug Tisotumab Vedotin releases a toxic substance that kills cancer cells from the inside. The drug was tested on nearly 150 patients for the study. The results were so positive that further studies are now to be carried out and other types of cancer should also be taken into account. These include, for example, colorectal cancer, pancreatic, lung and head and neck cancer.

Further studies are being carried out

The majority of the patients in the early study had advanced cancer that had spread locally or throughout the body, doctors say. The subjects had been treated with three different types of cancer therapy on average without success. The exciting thing about the treatment now being investigated is that its mechanism of action is completely new. The drug works like a Trojan horse to sneak into cancer cells and kill them from the inside, explains study author Professor Johann de Bono from the Institute of Cancer Research. The drug has the potential to treat a large number of different types of cancer, especially some that have a very low survival rate.

The drug has manageable side effects and the study achieved positive results overall. Scientists have already started additional studies with this new drug on various types of tumors and as a second-line treatment for cervical cancer where response rates were particularly high. A test is also underway to identify the patients who are most likely to respond to the drug. (as)

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