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Natural colon cleansing: instructions and home remedies

Natural colon cleansing: instructions and home remedies

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Colon cleansing? - That sounds like "pipe plaster" and is at least roughly comparable. As a rule, however, the “cleaning agents” are natural and gentle, in contrast to chemical cleaners. Much of the immune system is in our gut. If the intestine does not run smoothly, the body's own defenses cannot function properly. Many diseases only arise as soon as the intestinal flora is disturbed. These include, for example, recurring sinus infections, constant colds, sore throat, but also a bloated stomach or indigestion. Allergies and migraines can also occur as a result. Attention, a damaged bowel can sometimes behave without symptoms for some time, we only notice the increased tendency to infections.

The intestinal flora

Various bacteria live together in our intestinal flora. These live in the digestive system and thus colonize a surface that is at least as large as a tennis court. The various microorganisms in the healthy intestine coexist peacefully, they work constantly. Their active metabolism consumes substances in our body and constantly forms new ones. The largest accumulation of bacteria is found in the large intestine. The tasks of the intestinal flora are: protection against pathogenic germs and intestinal fungi, supply and nutrition of the intestinal mucosal cells, the breakdown of numerous fibers and the production of various vitamins. Diseases arise as soon as the balance in the intestine is disturbed. Taking antibiotics, germs in our food or a generally unhealthy diet - all of these can damage our intestinal flora.

Tasks of the intestine

Even the Greeks believed that many diseases started in the intestine. Unfortunately, this old knowledge was forgotten for many years. It was later recognized that the intestine is not only used for the transport of our food, but that the nutrients extracted during digestion are important for our survival. Much later, the knowledge of the importance of a healthy intestinal flora was added. It became clear that around 75 percent of the immune system comes from the intestine and our defenses largely depend on an intact intestinal flora.

Lymphatic tissue, which is important for defense, is found in large amounts in the intestine. There are also defense cells there, which in turn produce antibodies themselves. These cells spread throughout the body via the lymphatic system as well as the bloodstream and, if necessary, contribute to defense at different points in the body. Our defense system is weakened by frequent antibiotic intake and low-fiber and acidic food.

Colon cleansing

If you want to balance the disturbed intestinal flora, an intestinal rehabilitation is necessary. This usually consists of an intestinal cleansing and a subsequent reconstruction of the intestinal flora. This means that the intestine is first cleaned of waste and faeces. The intestinal mucosa becomes receptive again for the colonization of useful intestinal bacteria. These can be added after the cure as part of an intestinal flora build-up, alternative practitioners help here. If you just want to do something good for your intestines - for example after antibiotics - prescription-free preparations are also available in the pharmacy and in some drugstores.

Especially with a diet that is rich in animal protein, a lot of sticky chyme is created. This is difficult to digest and then settles in the intestinal walls, especially if too little fiber is permanently eaten. Pathogens or parasites may nest in these glued residues, sooner or later complaints will arise. If the intestine is only repaired but the cleaning is postponed, there is only a temporary relief in the abdomen. The slagging prevents healthy bacteria from colonizing the intestine and important vitamins cannot be absorbed. Colon cleansing is also recommended for a basic, medically necessary change in diet.

Reasons for cleaning

In addition to a conventional medical indication such as colonoscopy, it can also help with many other complaints. As is well known, a large part of the body's own defenses are located in the intestine and these can be strengthened excellently with suitable cleaning. Colon cleansing can also help with other diseases. These include allergies, chronic indigestion, recurrent infections, constant fatigue and weakness, exhaustion, rheumatism, migraines, overweight and food intolerances. It can help as a home remedy for acne, for inflammatory bowel diseases or for headaches. Such cleaning after antibiotic therapy is just as good. First clean the digestive system thoroughly and then restore the destroyed intestinal flora with probiotics.

As a medical preparation

Often the bowel has to be cleaned in preparation for an exam or hospitalization. In this case, a supportive medication is given by the doctor, with the help of herbal remedies this cleaning can be supported. This is necessary, for example, before a colonoscopy to ensure a perfect view of the mucous membranes. This allows the doctor to assess the health of the intestine and detect any inflammation.


Not only the choice of the right method, but also the right time is important. The whole process becomes easier if the day before is taken care of light and easily digestible food. It is preferable to start a cure on a quiet day - a full working day is not recommended. Sudden indigestion or stomach ache can occur, a place to lie down comfortably and a toilet for spontaneous business should be nearby. The accelerated intestinal passage also drains a lot of water from the body, it is essential to drink enough! Once the intestine has been cleaned and is completely empty, we carefully start eating again and concentrate at the beginning on easily digestible foods.

The enema

An enema is an excellent way to rid the intestine of debris and waste. It can also provide relief from persistent constipation. This is done with the help of body-warm water, which is introduced into the intestine via a plastic tube. Mostly, only pure and lukewarm water is used for this. The sudden flood of liquid triggers a strong urge to stool, which quickly leads to emptying. An irrigator can also be used. A flexible balloon from which the body-warm water is pressed directly into the anus through a small tube.

However, only part of our intestine is cleaned in this way. For a complete colon cleansing, other methods should be used, in which, for example, various herbs are used to clean the digestive tract from top to bottom. In the hospital, the enema is used before operations or in preparation for birth. It can also be carried out at home, an inlet container is available in the pharmacy.


Fasting purifies and cleanses the entire organism, including the intestine. There are different methods of fasting. Solid food is usually completely avoided, as is the case with therapeutic fasting. With other forms, yogurt, milk or bread rolls are also allowed. The intestine recovers during fasting, it comes to rest and the accumulated pollutants are loosened and washed out by certain liquids or repeated enemas. A fasting cure usually begins with a colon cleanse through an enema, drinking a saline solution or a herbal laxative.

“Olive oil fasting”, for example, only drinks water, orange juice and some olive oil. Comparable to this is Buchinger juice fasting with aids such as healing earth, base powder and the husks of the psyllium. Such a “hard” cure should, however, only take place after consultation with the treating doctor or alternative practitioner.


Psyllium is a source material. The mucilages contained in it can absorb an enormous amount of water. This increases the stool volume, the intestine is stimulated and toxins are bound. It is important, however, that you have to drink enough still water to take psyllium. The seeds also promote the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria, which in turn has a positive effect on the intestinal flora. If the intestine is emptied too rarely or insufficiently, slag and residues of metabolic end products accumulate. These strain the intestinal mucosa, which can lead to the development of a so-called leaky gut syndrome. That is why regular colon cleansing is important. With the psyllium, this happens very gently - a method that can be carried out permanently without disadvantages. Patients who are found to have diverticula (sagging of the wall of a hollow organ, here: in the intestine) are often advised to take psyllium regularly so that no faeces can accumulate in the niches of the intestine.

Healing earth

Healing earth is a very simple and inexpensive home remedy, but is rich in effects. The healing earth binds toxins, metabolic products and harmful intestinal bacteria. It detoxifies the intestine. There is now a particularly fine healing clay on the market that is particularly suitable for colon cleansing. And this happens like a sponge - the harmful substances are absorbed and excreted in a natural way. This healing earth can be used over a longer period of time. The best thing is a three-week cure followed by a short break. However, if you are using it for several weeks, you should always consult the doctor or naturopath who is treating you. If you don't like the powder so much, you can get a healing clay granulate. If medication is taken, there must always be an interval of two hours between taking the healing earth.


Zeolite is a volcanic mineral. The name is made up of Zeo (Greek = boiling) and lith (Greek = stone). Zeolite also acts like a sponge in the intestine, which is not metabolized itself, but absorbs toxins and digestive gases and naturally discharges them. This relieves the liver and kidney in particular. Colon cleansing with Zeoltih is gentle but effective. The Romans already knew about the effect of the Vullkan rock. They sprinkled the powder on the soldiers' open wounds. Even today, minor skin injuries or external fungal infections can be cured with it. If medication is taken, there should be an interval of at least three hours between taking it in order not to impair its effect. Slime-forming milk products, alcohol, sugar and white flour should not be consumed during this time. Furthermore, the effect of the zeolite can be enhanced by fasting.


Bentonite, a mineral earth, is similar in appearance and dosage form to zeolite. This can bind various toxins such as heavy metals, mold, bacteria or pesticides in the digestive system and thus remove them. Warning - sufficient water must be drunk during use - the earth swells to ten times its volume in the body. Bentonite also takes medication. For example, the effects of the contraceptive pill can be eliminated during a cleaning cure. The best way to combine bentonite with psyllium husk is to add a small teaspoon of each to a glass of water of 200ml. Crushed flax seeds can also help in such a cure thanks to the fiber they contain. There should be a two hour interval between meals. Drink immediately after mixing, otherwise the mixture will become an inedible jelly. Drink a second glass of water in slow sips after just a few minutes. The cure should be carried out for at least two weeks, preferably four to six weeks, with just one shake, from the second week with two shakes daily.


For effective colon cleansing, herbs are usually prescribed together with psyllium and / or healing earth. A wide variety of preparations are on the market, some of which also contain some probiotic microorganisms such as Bifidobacterium bifidum, Lactobacillus acidophilus, Lactobacillus casei - just to name a few examples. Herbs and plant extracts that are used for colon cleansing include anise (medicinal plant of the year 2014), basil, angelica root, dill, fennel, thyme, mint, elderflower, ginger, tulsi herb, blueberries, licorice, olive leaves and much more.

Bitter plants

Bitter plants help the body to suppress harmful intestinal germs. Plants such as dandelion, nettle, artichoke and Wegwarte are rich in special bitter substances that serve well in the context of colon cleansing and colon cleansing. These bitter plants are available as granules, powder or in drops.

Gray cure

Robert Gray, a nutritionist from Oakland, California (1946 to 1990), was looking for an easy-to-do colon cleanse. This cure, known as the so-called Gray cure, is not a method that can be carried out quickly, but it takes about three months. The preparations necessary for colon cleansing are carefully manufactured and contain no synthetic colors and flavors. Unfortunately, this cure is relatively expensive. However, when thinking about your own health, the price should not necessarily be in the foreground. Thorough advice from a therapist is highly recommended before using the Gray cure.

Spirulina cure

The valuable Spirulina algae not only clean the intestines, but also other connective tissue in the body. They contain numerous nutrients and enzymes and at the same time they apparently improve the absorption options for vitamins and minerals in the intestine. Cleaning with these algae can often fight a smoldering Candida infection. By taking it during juice fasting (fasting according to Buchinger), the body is supplied with important substances, at the same time unwanted pollutants are absorbed by the intestine and washed out of the body. During fasting, the spirulina should be taken regardless of lemon juice or vitamin C, as otherwise valuable ingredients such as chlorophyll are destroyed by the acid before it is absorbed into the body.

Chlorella algae

In addition to the Spirulina algae already mentioned, Clorella can also help renovate our intestines. In particular, heavy metals are bound from the connective tissue and thus removed from the body. The algae are mostly ingested as pellets. They are available in online shops, well-stocked health food stores and pharmacies. Attention, chlorella can also soak up taken medications such as antibiotics and thus make them ineffective, so their use when taking medication should be discussed with the naturopath.

Sauerkraut juice

The well-known sauerkraut juice, which is also used for fasting to support detoxification, offers a rather mild variant of cleaning. It is rich in lactic acid and vitamin C, high in fiber and low in calories. However, it does not provide every user with the desired “laxative effect” in the intestine, but it is worth a try. The juice is now not only available in health food stores but also in many discounters.

Colon hydrotherapy

Colon hydro therapy is a colon cleansing therapy in naturopathy. It is similar to an enema. Here warm water is brought into the colon, only the person concerned does not have to go to the toilet. The contents of the intestine are directly drained through a drain hose during treatment. The therapy, usually performed by a naturopath, includes a gentle abdominal massage, which directs the water into the stressed areas. The intestine is flushed out and old droppings are removed. Up to twenty sessions are required to treat complaints. This therapy is used for colon cleansing for indigestion such as flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome, but also for susceptibility to infections, allergies and regular headaches.

Colon cleansing for children

Before a colon cleansing can be performed in children, a doctor or alternative practitioner must always be consulted. Not every herb or finished product is suitable for children, and the right dosage also plays a major role. Sauerkraut juice can be given without any problems. If constipated, it can be extremely relieving. Psyllium husks are also available in small doses for children if the bowel movements are often too tight. The child must be reminded to drink enough.

Structure of the intestinal flora

Not only after taking antibiotics, but also due to some unpleasant gastrointestinal infections, the microorganisms in our digestive system suffer. There is diarrhea or constipation, and we suddenly notice the digestive process. With probiotics in pill or ampoule form, important bacteria such as lactic acid bacteria can be returned to the body if they have been destroyed by antibiotics. Different probiotics cures can be purchased in drugstores and pharmacies, each containing billions of bacteria. These bacteria produce vitamins and defenses in the intestine, stimulate the metabolism and thus inhibit some pathogens. Prebiotics can be administered to the body even more easily. Our body cannot utilize these special fibers - pectin, fructooligosaccharides and inulin - but the microflora in the intestine is happy for that. Among others, apples, chicory, garlic, onions, Jerusalem artichokes, artichokes and healthy papya contain these fibers, which support the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestine. Polyphenols - secondary plant substances in green tea, cocoa, berries and grapes also promote the restoration of a balanced intestinal flora.

Change of diet

Colon cleansing usually includes a change in diet: a healthy, high-fiber and low-acid diet is now advisable. White flour and products containing sugar strain the intestines and promote the development of candidiasis (yeast infection). Therefore, this should be avoided during the course of treatment. It is best to reduce the consumption of animal proteins such as fish, meat or sausage to twice a week. Dairy products such as yoghurt, cheese or curd should be avoided as far as possible during colon cleansing, since they are very slime-forming and can therefore hinder the process. Alcohol and cigarettes are not used, but two to three cups of coffee are allowed. It is essential to drink enough during cleaning, preferably in the form of still water and herbal tea. The four-herb mix of fennel, caraway, anise and coriander is recommended. These seeds are pounded a little in the mortar so that the essential oils in tea can develop their effect. The tea can also be bought ready-made in pharmacies and drug stores. A tasty tea is made from a teaspoon of this mixture and 0.25 liters of boiling water. The tea has to brew for ten to 15 minutes and is then drunk in small sips, at best after every meal.

Colon cleansing - and afterwards?

Our intestines can only function perfectly if we value them through adequate exercise and proper nutrition. Colon cleansing is usually carried out in conjunction with a fasting, detoxification or intestinal rehabilitation. Such a cleansing can be carried out regularly - at least once a year - into a healthy habit that literally purifies the body in combination with a fasting cure. In connection with meditation one's own body signals can be perceived better, awareness of our health arises. (sw, dp)

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Susanne Waschke, Barbara Schindewolf-Lensch


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