Fitness: Can Dietary Supplements Improve Performance For Hobby Athletes?

Fitness: Can Dietary Supplements Improve Performance For Hobby Athletes?

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Are pills and powders really necessary for amateur athletes?

Exercising is healthy. Regular exercise can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure and is helpful in losing weight. However, there is no need to resort to dietary supplements that are supposed to increase athletic performance or promise other benefits.

Almost every third German takes dietary supplements

About one in three adults in Germany regularly take dietary supplements, about a quarter of which are more than one product a day. According to experts, such remedies are often just nonsense, but some are also associated with health risks. Many who take such pills and powders are people who want to increase their athletic performance. But amateur athletes do not need nutritional supplements.

More need for proteins, vitamins and minerals

Dietary supplements for athletes contain, for example, vitamins and minerals, protein or L-carnitine.

Such means are advertised among other things with performance increase, muscle building, faster regeneration or help with cramps.

But if you are a recreational athlete and eat enough and varied food, you don't need pills and powders, reports the consumer center in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania in a message.

Due to their increased energy consumption, athletes usually eat more than non-athletes anyway and thus easily cover the additional requirements for proteins, vitamins and minerals.

Other experts also often point out that a natural protein supply is sufficient for conventional sports.

You don't have to eat eggs, steaks, etc. for this, vegetable proteins are also suitable.

Performance increase only if there is a defect

Although advertising statements such as "Magnesium contributes to normal muscle function" or "Vitamin B6 reduces fatigue and tiredness" suggest an advantage, supplementing with vitamins or minerals can only increase performance if there is a deficiency.

However, adding more than needed does not further improve performance.

Expensive and ineffective

L-carnitine is also often advertised. As the consumer center explains, it is a substance that the body itself forms.

We also eat it through food, especially meat. L-carnitine is not only expensive, it is also ineffective.

Because an improvement in endurance performance or fat burning by taking L-carnitine has so far not been scientifically proven.

Overdoses can lead to health problems

If you still want to take food supplements, you should note that overdoses can lead to health problems.

In addition, caution is required with products from dubious sources on the Internet.

Especially if they come from outside of Europe, they could turn out to be drugs or doping drugs. (ad)

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