Current study: Osteopathy helps infants completely free of side effects

Current study: Osteopathy helps infants completely free of side effects

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Osteopathy helps infants without side effects

One study found that osteopathy improved between 50 to 80% in the five most common problems in infants with whom parents go to osteopaths. These include infant asymmetry, sleep and feeding disorders, flattened occiput and excessive crying.

The multi-center observational study of the Academy for Osteopathy (AFO) and the German Institute for Health Research involved 1,196 first-year infants who were treated in 151 practices of German osteopaths.

It is noteworthy that no serious side effect that is potentially relevant and / or prolonged for the health of the infant was observed in any of the more than 3,200 treatments.

1,200 infants with asymmetry, sleep and feeding disorders, flattened back of the head and excessive crying were treated in the participating osteopathic practices with special additional qualifications and many years of experience on average two to three times. The central measurement was the assessment of the parents, e.g. by evaluating the severity of symptoms using numerical rating scales (NRS 0-10).

For idiopathic infant asymmetry, the percentage improvement between the start and end of treatments ranged from 78-82%. The question was asked about the strength of the asymmetry, the eye contact to the preferred side, the rotation to the preferred side and the asymmetrical position. The severity of symptoms in babies with feeding disorders decreased by 77% over the course of the treatments. The symptoms of "excessive" crying improved by 70%, which was a considerable relief for the parents. Sleep disorders improved by 56%. In plagiocephaly, the circumference of the head of the child's skull was measured with a “craniometer” and the clinically usual Cranial Vault Index (CVAI) was calculated. After the osteopathic treatments the improved by 56%.

Exactly numerical results of the so-called OSTINF STUDY are to be published later this year. Further intervention studies are planned. (sb)

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