Aging process slowed down! This therapy clearly slowed down aging

Experimental medicine extended the life of mice

Staying young, healthy and full of energy into old age - a dream of mankind, which has so far been only a utopia. However, this could change in the future, because recent research is concerned with therapies that slow down the aging process and may even stop it. In a recent study, researchers were able to extend the lifespan of mice by slowing the aging process with a new drug.

A research team from the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel recently deciphered how the immune system is involved in the aging process. According to the study, the older the cells in the body, the older they become, the more they strain the immune system. These cells are limited in their function or show irreparable damage. Using a newly developed drug, the researchers were able to slow down the process of cell aging in mice, thereby increasing their lifespan. The study results were recently published in the renowned journal "Nature Communications".

How our immune system ages

The team around Professor Valery Krizhanovsky and Dr. Yossi Ovadya describes how aged cells cause problems for our immune system with increasing age. The so-called senescent cells are cells that are not yet dead, but their functionality is severely restricted or damaged. The older we get, the more aged cells are in circulation in our body. According to the research team, these cells are significantly involved in inflammatory processes that favor typical old-age diseases.

Course of the study

In one experiment, the researchers used genetically modified mice that aged prematurely. These mice suffered from chronic inflammation and reduced performance faster than normal mice of the same age. These mice also looked old faster and died earlier.

This is how cell aging can be slowed down

In their investigations, the scientists found that cell aging can be slowed down by inhibiting certain proteins. The team administered the ABT-737 drug, which suppresses proteins that have been linked to the aging process, to the prematurely aging mice. As a result, the mice became more active and their lifespan increased.

Healthier, more active and more durable

As the researchers showed, the animals responded exceptionally well to the drug. Her blood and activity tests showed improvement and her tissue resembled that of young mice. The team was also able to demonstrate that the treated mice showed significantly fewer aged cells as well as inflammatory processes.

Can this also work in humans?

The researchers actually see their findings as a way of being able to develop anti-aging therapy for humans. In further studies, the team now wants to investigate how the human immune system can be encouraged to dispose of the aged cells faster. If their theories prove to be true, there could soon be a pill to stop aging. (vb)

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