Lose weight, save money, sleep better: Benefits of alcohol fasting in January

Lose weight, save money, sleep better: Benefits of alcohol fasting in January

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Ever heard of "Dry January"?

The trend in England is rather unknown in this country. The so-called "Dry January", in German: Dry January. What is meant by this is to refrain from drinking alcohol for a month in January. This trend is so popular in England that its effects have even recently been investigated in a study. Apparently, the one-month abstinence from alcohol brings numerous health and financial benefits. If you don't have good resolutions for 2019, you should try “Dry January”.

Better sleep, more money in your account and less pounds on your hip - according to an English study by the University of Sussex, these should be the positive consequences of an alcohol-free month. In addition, the one-month waiver leads to more controlled drinking behavior afterwards. Many who have tried it report better skin and more energy.

Documented abstinence

The team around the psychologist Dr. Richard de Visser evaluated surveys of over 800 test subjects who voluntarily abstained from alcohol for a month in January 2018 and documented their results. Another survey of the participants took place six months later. It was found that abstinence from alcohol even had positive long-term effects in January.

What can you expect from giving up alcohol for a month?

According to the survey evaluation, 93 percent of the participants reported a positive sense of achievement. Around nine out of ten people saved money in January, eight out of ten people gained better control over their drinking behavior, 76 percent learned more about when and why they drink, and 71 percent found that they can enjoy themselves without alcohol. Seven out of ten participants noticed an improvement in their health after the month. 71 percent slept better and 67 percent had more energy. Around six out of ten participants lost weight due to the waiver. 57 percent were able to concentrate better after the month and 54 percent reported better skin.

The long-term effects of alcohol-free January

In the second survey, which took place six months later, the researchers found that the one-month waiver was still having effects. In August 2018, the participants reported that they drink an average of one day less alcohol a week. The frequency of alcohol intoxication fell on average from 3.4 times a month to 2.1 times. "Not taking alcohol for a month helps people to drink less in the long term," concludes Dr. Richard de Visser in a press release on the study results.

The campaign is becoming increasingly popular

Dry January is supported by the Alcohol Change UK charity. With their own website and their own app, more people should be motivated to fast in alcohol in January. "Alcohol-free January can change lives," said Dr Richard Piper, chairman of Alcohol Change UK. He and his team hear every day from people who have taken control of their drinking behavior through “Dry January” and who feel happier and healthier as a result.

Health consequences of alcohol consumption

"Many of us know about the health risks of alcohol," emphasizes Piper. Alcohol favors seven forms of cancer, liver disease, and mental health problems. Already drinking less has an immediate benefit. (vb)

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