Advice on health-promoting lifestyle changes is required!

Advice on health-promoting lifestyle changes is required!

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Medical assistance for lifestyle changes is often neglected

With many health complaints, even minor lifestyle changes can bring considerable success. For example, slightly elevated blood pressure can usually be managed in this way. However, those affected are far too rarely instructed to make a healthy change in their lifestyle when visiting a doctor, but are instead given medication or other measures.

A statistical analysis of US health data has shown that those with obesity, diabetes and other risk conditions are far too seldom encouraged by their treating physicians to eat healthier and exercise better, reports MedUni Vienna in a current press release. Researchers at MedUni Vienna had carried out the evaluation of the data together with international cooperation partners.

Preventive explanations too rare

The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) recorded, among other things, whether people with medical treatment were informed about the necessary lifestyle changes. Because medical advice plays an important role when it comes to initiating a healthier lifestyle. However, the statistical evaluation by the research group around Igor Grabovac from MedUni Vienna showed that there are hardly any preventive explanations for normal or healthy people during a visit to the doctor and that medical advice is far too rare even for high-risk groups such as people with overweight, diabetes or high blood pressure a healthier lifestyle.

High-risk groups are also not advised

Only 56 percent of those particularly at risk with a combination of obesity (obesity) and diabetes reported medical requests to change their lives. Only 20 percent of people who were healthy but already overweight had received such requests, although they were supposed to counteract the development of diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

Possibilities are not exhausted

"Health care in the United States leaves an important prevention option largely untapped"; Igor Grabovac sums up and it can be assumed that things don't look much better in this country either. There are currently no comparable statistical surveys for Austria, which is why conclusions about a similar situation are difficult, the study leader continued. However, work is currently underway to soon also create own surveys on the situation in Austria's health clinics. (fp)

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