Trend products: Underestimated health risks from hookahs and e-cigarettes

Trendy products that are harmful to health in young people: shishas and e-cigarettes

Teenage cigarette use is declining, but many young people are increasingly interested in other tobacco and nicotine products. The hookahs, also called "shisha", are "in". Many young people have also tried e-cigarettes. Experts provide information about these harmful trend products.

More and more young people are interested in hookahs

The percentage of young people who smoke cigarettes has been falling for years, but teenagers are now often interested in other tobacco and nicotine products. More and more of them smoke shisha. As reported by the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), almost a third of the 12- to 17-year-olds have tried a hookah, and in 2016 even more adolescents smoked hookahs than cigarettes. In order to draw attention to the mostly underestimated health risk, especially from hookahs, the DKFZ publishes three information sheets on hookahs, e-cigarettes and tobacco heaters.

Serious illnesses from hookah smoking

In particular, the intensive flavoring of the shisha tobacco makes the products attractive and may contribute to an underestimation of the health risks.

"Many believe that hookahs are less harmful and have less dependency potential than cigarettes," said Ute Mons from the DKFZ.

"In fact, hookah smoking actually causes several serious diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases and severe chronic respiratory diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and can be addictive," said the expert.

"It also pollutes the air in the room with harmful substances that are harmful to health and therefore means a health risk not only for the smoker himself, but also for non-smokers present in the room."

In addition to long-term health problems, water pipes also pose acute health risks. So carbon monoxide poisoning from hookah smoking is an increasing problem.

Not harmless lifestyle products

E-cigarettes are also trendy among young people.

According to the DKFZ, the latest data show that 16.4 percent of 14- to 17-year-olds have tried e-cigarettes before, 2.8 percent use them regularly.

The electric vaporizers are probably far less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, but they also make you addicted and sick and are therefore by no means harmless lifestyle products.

A tobacco heater has been available in this country for a good year, in which - unlike in e-cigarettes - tobacco is not heated, but liquid, and the resulting aerosol is inhaled.

While using this product generates fewer pollutants than smoking, tobacco heaters are also harmful to health, according to the DKFZ. (ad)

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