What is the benefit of wasps and how can wasp stings be avoided?

What is the benefit of wasps and how can wasp stings be avoided?

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Wasp summer 2018: useful insect with poor image

In late summer, wasps are unloved guests in the beer garden or barbecuing in the park. They sit on the steak, snack on the ice cream or taste a piece of cake. When the black and yellow animals whir around the head, some / some panic. Wasps only look for food and are usually neither aggressive nor aggressive.

Hardly any animal has to deal with negative prejudices as much as the wasp. Few people know how useful the insects are to humans. This is how they provide their brood with flies, mosquitoes, caterpillars and aphids. In this way, they make a valuable contribution to biological pest control. Dead animals are also eaten and that keeps the environment clean. They are regular visitors to flowers and important pollinators for wild and useful plants.

This year, wasps are particularly numerous. In the warm and dry spring, the conditions for rearing the people were ideal, so that almost the entire brood survived in many countries. Incidentally, only two of the local wasp species visit us at the coffee table: the common wasp and the German wasp.

These remedies help against wasps

The best way to turn away or change places is to feel chased by the insects. The most important thing is to keep calm. The animals feel threatened by hectic and fast movements. Puffing is also not a good idea, since the carbon dioxide in the air we breathe is an alarm signal for the animals. Perfumes, hairspray or the smell of sweat can also make wasps become aggressive.

Especially in late summer, open bottles should be closed when eating outdoors and food such as grilled meat and sweets should be covered. When wasps are approaching, it is better not to give children sweet drinks. The mouth should also be clean, as they are attracted to the lips by the sugar.

If the wasp stings despite all the precautions, cooling helps against the swelling. An old home remedy is the juice of an onion. If you are allergic, you should see a doctor immediately. This also applies to stitches in the mouth and throat area, since the airways can swell.

The LBV advises against certain supposed tricks to keep wasps away. For example, copper coins placed on the table are useless.

Don't react hectically

Catch traps or distracting feeds even have a negative impact as more animals are attracted. Especially during thunderstorms or at the end of the flight time, the intrusiveness of many wasps increases. Then it's best to avoid them. If this does not work, it is important to keep calm if a wasp gets too close. Frantic or panicked movements should be avoided near the insects. Never blow the wasp away, because the carbon dioxide in the air we breathe is an alarm signal for the animals and puts them in a mood of attack. Wasps usually don't react aggressively when looking for food anyway. They only fight back when they feel threatened.

Outdoor food and drinks should be covered and all leftovers immediately after the barbecue party. It is also important to let children drink with a straw and to wipe their faces and hands after eating so as not to attract the wasps.

Wasps can also be attracted to smells such as fragrant perfume, creams and wooden furniture polish. But colorfully flowered clothes also have their appeal. Furthermore, you should always keep the trash can and compost covered. Fly screens or a room lock, such as a curtain after the front door, are useful for keeping wasps away from the home. sb, Heike Kreutz,

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